Axle Weighing

Complete Weighing Solutions sell a range of digital axle weighing scales to suit all tasks. Axle scales to weigh individual wheels, to multple axle configurations.

If you cant see an option listed here, give us a call and we will show you what options are available to suit your requirements.  





Portable Axle weigher


Features two heavy duty platforms with ramps

Suitable for freight haulage yards where space is a premium

These may be set up on any flat and level roadway that allows the vehicle to enter and exit the weigh platforms in a straight direction, without the necessity of a dug in pit type foundation.

  • 30 tonne maximum capacity
  • Each pad is 4800mm long x 900mm wide
  • End ramps included
  • High visibility 150mm display
  • Extremely portable
  • May be extended to accomodate longer axle groupings



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Inground/pit type axle weighers


  • Heavy duty platform
  • Requires dug in type pit foundation
  • 30 tonne capacity
  • Large, high intensity, 150mm LED display
  • Display will sum axle weighings and display gross weight



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Wheel pad scales


XTR686 mobile axle weigh pads

  • Zigbee wireless communications to indicator
  • 10 tonne capacity each pad
  • 700mm x 410mm weigh pad
  • Rubber ramps included



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