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Complete Weighing Solutions manufacture a complete range of Belt Weighing Systems to suit all applications and accuracies. Installations range from weighing wood chip at 10 tph to loading ships at 3000 tph and higher. Whatever your requirement – we have the solution. 

The Single Idler System is a low cost solution ideal for plant inventory, control and product flow indication. It is perfect for all mobile plant applications. The single idler weigh frame utilises two precision load cells and is generally maintenance free. This system is quick and easy to install and most systems are fitted by the customer. 

The Dual Idler System is a fully floating weigh frame utilising four precision load cells. The dual idler system is recommended where an increase in weigh span is required for system accuracy. This system has been used extensively in the waste processing/recycling and quarry industries. 

All of the systems are designed to operate reliably in the harshest of conditions. The weigh frames supplied are either a galvanized, stainless steel or painted finish. 

Some information we will need to know to assist with a quotation:

  1. Size of conveyor belt (approximate belt width and length)
  2. Type of product being conveyed
  3. Flow rate and/or speed of conveyor system
  4. Accuracy required from the system

Please contact us to discuss your belt weighing system requirements. 

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