Complete Weighing Solutions has the knowledge and qualified staff to service, repair and maintain all of your weighing equipment. It is important for regular maintenance and calibration to ensure weighing accuracy and longevity of equipment. 

We also provide a mobile weighing service to weigh your product onsite at your premises. For example: boats, caravans, containers, trailers and small vehicles.


Programmed Service Schedules

Complete Weighing Solutions can organise a regular maintenance and testing schedule for your weighing equipment. To assist with minimal disruption to your staff and production requirements, we will call prior to the agreed interval and organise the servicing around you. 


Weighbridge Test Unit

Our Weighbridge Test Truck consists of certified test weights and its own forklift. Complete Weighing Solutions has 20 tonne of certified test weights and can repair, test, calibrate and certify large capacity scales, hoppers and weighbridges from all manufacturers.



Mobile Weighing  

Let us weigh your vehicle on site! We can weigh your car, truck, boat or caravan trailers with our mobile weigh pads.

Please contact us to discuss your onsite service and weighbridge testing requirements.  





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